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Management games

Management Games were held for the newly inducted students of 1st sem MBA (batch 2015-2017) on 22 September 2015, at 1st floor, CD Sagar block. 42 students took part in the games.


  1. To introduce the concept of team work (importance of inclusion, dependency, coordination, team involvement, acceptance of others’ views and opinions, understanding strengths, negotiation and so on).
  2. To learn the importance of planning / strategizing

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A Rural Market Visit at Harohalli, Kanakapura

A rural marketing visit has been arranged by the faculties as a part of Marketing Club for the MBA Students 3rd Semester (Marketing Specialization). The main intention behind this program is to help us understand the rural market trends and the customers’ expectations.

  • We were thrilled to be a part of this completely new concept and idea of visiting and participating in Rural market
  • First we approached two school going kids along with their mother, with the perception of easy selling as we have children products as well as products for woman segment, and we were successful to sell our products.
  • After the first sale, our level of confident has been increased.
  • We have learned how to communicate and convince the rural people
  • We have identified the market opportunity in public places like bus stands, schools and government offices, where we could manage sell the larger quantity.

Visit to L & T Construction Equipment Limited, Bangalore

L & T

Visit to Oxygen Acres, Bangalore-Mysore Road

Oxygen Acres


Major Student Activities: (Weekly)

  • Book Review Presentations: Doing a detailed review of any of the selected management books by the students.
  • Business Quiz: Students participate in a Business Quiz programme which is meant to enhance their general knowledge.
  • News Analysis presentation: Presentation of latest Business news from leading Business newspapers such as Economic Times, Financial Express, Business Line etc. ,by students in order to pursue research in their areas of Interest.
  • Executive Interface Programme: Student’s interaction with experts from the Industry.
  • English & Communication classes: Weekly classes are conducted to enhance the student’s communication skills and their vocabulary
  • Group Discussion: A Group discussion is regularly conducted to enhance the student’s communication and general awareness.
  • Mock Interview: The mock interview is a practice interview being conducted to practice interview skills and receive feedback from a panel of experts.
  • Quantitative Aptitude: Most of the companies have an aptitude round as a part of the recruitment process, therefore this activity aims at improving the student’s aptitude which will prove to be useful in their interview.
  • General Awareness: Along with the Business Quiz, a general awareness activity is also being for the students on a weekly basis.
  • Cultural & Sports Activities: “All work and no play make jack a dull boy”. The Cultural and sports activities not only prove as a stress buster for the students but also help them in being an all rounder


Student’s Certification Programmes:

  • A Certification Programme on “Micro analysis of Financial Statements”.
  • . E-Learning Certification programme from Birla Sun Life as a part of SEBI initiative.
  • A Certification programme on “Foundation on Stock Market” from ICICI Securities.
  • SAP Certication.

MOU’s Signed

1. Our Institute has signed a MOU with “E-Learning”


2. MOU signed with “ICICI Securities”

ICICI Securities


Student’s Workshops:

  • A Workshop on “Stock Games” where the students were given an insight into online trading.
  • Centre for Innovation & Learning conducted the following workshops for the students:
    1. Workshop on Individual Behaviour & Group Dynamics
    2. Workshop on Leadership skills
    3. Workshop on Personality Development
    4. Workshop on Corporate Culture
    5. Workshop on building Cultural Intelligence
  • Seminar on “Digital Marketing” to brief the students about the importance of the same.
  • Participation in “Phillips Big Leap Marketing Contest”
  • Workshop on “Mad Ads”


Mad Ads Activity for MBA Students

Date: 29th October 2014
Venue: Board Room
Class: 1st Semester MBA Sec A, B & C

Students of 1st Year MBA were at their humorous best at the Mad Ads competition held on 29th October, 2014 in the Board Classroom. The students were given time to prepare for the Mad Ad after breaking them up into teams. The concept of the activity was unique in the sense that it gave a platform to young talented people to showcase their abilities to perform yet be creative.

There were many teams which participated in this competition. The teams were each given a product on which they were supposed to create radio & TV ads and perform in front of a live audience. Each team chose a typical product and was given 45 minutes to develop an advertisement campaign and demonstrate it within 2 minutes. This included slogan, role play and poster presentation. The performances were judged on the spot and the teams would then qualify for a higher round.


Write up on Phillips Big Leap Marketing Contest

Contest Began on: 21st October, 2014
Contest Coordinator: Mr. Roshan Christopher Gonsalves

The Objective of this Contest is that in a market dominated by wet shaving via razor blades to change the consumer behaviour by introducing them to a new way to shave with Philips Aqua Touch. The strategy was to bring out the fear of nicks and cuts to the surface and trigger the change towards a better, safer way to shave. The selected MBA students of various reputed B-Schools across Bangalore will be the participants for this contest. These selected students will be required to participate in different rounds and screening and short listing will be done at the end of each round. The first round began on 20th October, 2014. The first round was “The Big Leap: Commencement of Research Stage”. In this task the students were given a Marketing Kit, which comprised of a questionnaire and a power point presentation which was a template for Results & Discussion at the end of the survey. In this round, the students need to follow a four-step process to take stock of their ecosystem which includes, gauging the market, studying the target audience and delving into the whys and wherefores of marketing in context of the brand and product.


A Report on Legal Start ups at IIM Bangalore

This is a report regarding the workshop which was held at IIM Bangalore on 6th September 2014. Start-ups are useful contributors to the economy as a whole. The world of start-ups is full of challenges, and sustainability and longevity are often rewards for grit, determination and hard work. But survival alone is hardly likely to satisfy entrepreneurs and provide them with rewards commensurate with their effort. Research has shown that the innovative fast growing start- ups- the gazelles – are almost the sole contributors of new jobs in advanced economies like the US. While start-up entrepreneurs have very little control over the context in which they operate and thrive, there definitely exists scope for them to develop a perspective that enables them to expand their vision, pro-actively seek out opportunities for growth and channelize their energies in realizing growth through efficient management. It was attended by the following students of 1st Year MBA (Bangalore University):

  • Neema.N
  • Mohith Aiyappa
  • Nawaz
  • Ashwini
  • Srijan
  • Shrinidhi
  • Zabiullah
  • Syed Rehman
  • Syed Saaqib

It was a workshop in which various entrepreneurs from different sectors such as Hotel Management, Production Management, Insurance sectors, IT Sectors etc. gave the students elaborate information regarding the legal startups through various kinds of business forms such as sole proprietorship, partnership firm, joint stock company and regarding the different laws that have to be followed and the procedures for starting business through various kinds of business forms. Some of the speakers were as follows:

Kumar Mr. K. Kumar Apeejay Surrendra Chair Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship
Mustafa Mr. Mustafa P. C.,CEO of ID Fresh Food (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Shekhar Mr. Shekhar KiraniPartner at Accel Partners
Jeevan Mr. Jeevan Rao Sahib Founder & Managing Director of Indelox Service Private Limited
Asvini Mr. A.V.Asvini Kumar,Director, Virtus Advisory Services(P) Ltd.


Students Participation in Inter Departmental Fests

The MBA BU students have participated in the following Inter-departmental fests :-

1. GESTIONE – 14 – Organized by VTU MBA on 18th November 2014.

Over 28 students of MBA BU participated in the GESTIONE Inter-departmental fest which was held on 18th November 2014. Some of the events in which the students participated are as follows:

  1. Case Study
  2. Business Quiz
  3. Mad Ads
  4. Stress Management

Five teams of students participated in Case Study Competition and the 1st Prize was secured by the following team:

1. Mohit (1st Sem MBA) & Sadiya (3rd Sem MBA):

The case study was about Lear Company. The students had to answer the questions given at the end of the case. The participants were selected based on their case study report.


2. CHANAKYA Fest – 14 – Organized by VTU MBA on 24th November 2014.

Over 50 students of MBA BU participated in the CHANAKYA Inter-departmental fest which was held on 24th November 2014. Some of the events in which the students participated are as follows:

  1. Treasure Hunt
  2. Case Study
  3. Business Plan
  4. Quiz
  5. Share King
  • Ten teams of students participated in Treasure Hunt Competition and the 1st Prize was secured by the following team:

1. Rajan (1st Sem MBA), Rakshith (1st Sem MBA) & Nithin G. (1st Sem MBA)

  • Four teams participated in Case study competition & the 1st Prize & 2nd Prize were secured by the following teams:

1. Ashwini (1st Sem MBA) & Chaithra (1st Sem MBA)
2. Divya (1st Sem MBA) & Sumra (1st Sem MBA)

  • Three teams participated in Business Plan Competiiton & the 1st Prize was secured by the following team:

1. Neema (1st Sem MBA) & Mohit (1st Sem MBA)

  • Three teams participated in Share King Competition & the 1st Prize was secured by the following team:

1. Vikas (1st Sem MBA) & Jeevan (1st Sem MBA)


Another feather in the crown for the MBA BU Department was when the Overall Championship Trophy was given to the MBA BU students due to maximum winning in most of the events.

The Overall Championship Trophy was given to the MBA BU participating & winning students during the valedictory function and the chief guest for the function Dr. Latha Krishnan – Director – MBA BU department herself handed over the trophy to the Champion Team. It was indeed a moment of pride for MBA BU department seeing the students win in such large numbers.


3. EXCIPIO HR Fest - 14 – Organized by PGDM Department on 28th November 2014.

Over 15 students of MBA BU participated in the EXCIPIO HR Inter-departmental fest which was held on 28th November 2014.

There was only 1 event which had 5 surprise rounds & the 1st Prize & 2nd Prize was secured by

1. Mehazad Amir and Reshan Shahista of 3rd Sem MBA respectively.


Plant a Tree Campaign

It is a matter of extreme happiness to use this medium to report about activities concerning our tree nursery and planting project which was supported by the Director MBA BU Dr. Latha Krishnan along with the MBA BU faculty members at different levels. The seeds of this project were sowed by the Director herself. It was decided to create a network of youths who would be involved in Environmental issues. To do this it was required to come up with activities and small action projects for the students. However this is not always evident as youths don’t have a voice in issues concerning their futures, talk less of the environment but it had to start from somewhere. Around 100 saplings were bought from different tree species. The saplings were then planted by the students all across DSI. Despite some challenges the project has been very successful & the students learnt a lot and are looking forward to such project. This project was called “Plant a Tree Campaign”. Through this project tree planting was used to instill a sense of environmental awareness amongst youths. The project has been received well by the College and it can be considered as a form of green activism through tree planting.


“Run for Unity” by MBA Students

Date: 31st October 2014
Class: 1st Semester MBA Sec A, B & C

The government had announced that Oct 31 will be celebrated as the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, where the Prime Minister will flag off the "Run for Unity" and also administer pledge of "unification and internal security". Students of 1st Year MBA BU (DSI) participated in the ‘Run for unity’ marathon, organized under the aegis of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas commemorating the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The marathon was part of an awareness campaign launched to promote the installation of the 182-m statue on the banks of the Narmada. The Statue of Unity will be a fitting tribute to the towering figure of unity in the country. ?Sardar Sahib was the source, inspiration and embodiment of unity. That is why, to make this Statue of Unity, the students took the mission to participate in this run. When we remember Gandhiji, we remember truth, non-violence, sacrifice, simplicity, and Satyagraha. Similarly, Sardar Patel stands for unity, good governance and the farmer. Several Schools & Colleges across Bangalore participated in this programme.