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We are proud to have the most interactive alumni positioned across the globe, who serve as Brand Ambassadors of DSI and are most willing to contribute to the success of their alma mater.


I’m proud to graduate from DSCMIT, one of the most prestigious institutes in the country. DSCMIT has been a place where I found a unique blend of excellence and commitment. Great faculty, wonderful ambience to learn, and excellent facilities is how I describe DSCMIT. The past two years of my life were not just full of hard work, but they were undoubtedly full of such lessons and experiences which made me a better person day by day.
Those wonderful days at that vastly spread campus has helped broaden our minds. Life was never bounded within the four walls of our classroom and books. From global industry visits or top class guest lectures to, playing sports in the campus or organizing to the preparations for the fest. To me it was a scope for personal development before being a part of the professional world. I left my college with diverse personality enhancements and such intangible assets which are now a part of my attitude. I thank my institute for recognizing and appreciating my hard work and performance.

Ms. Prakruti Sathyaraj. 
Batch: 2009-2011,
Designation: Partner - Sheen Fashions, Bangalore.



"If you're looking to kick-start your career in an esteemed institution with traits of a Manager and a Leader, you’re at the right place. DSCMIT is for those who actually look forward for an MBA which is truly motivating and instils knowledge embedded with practicality.An institution which is unbiased and transforms its students to executives to compete at corporate level, whilst learning.The faculty is very experienced in relevant fields and makes sure you’re on the right path to success.Under the guidance of a true leader & mentor, Dr. M. S. Ramachandra (Director) will make sure students catapult to their goals & targets.The Placements are rising higher than share market, with best companies coming in from various backgrounds like Tax, IT, FMCG etc.Overall, it has been the best experience of my collegiate education leading me a job in the BIG 4.A big THANKS to the entire DSCMIT Team for guiding us to success. Cheers!".

Batch: 2009 - 2011,
Designation: Tax Analyst | Human Capital ,
Company: Ernst & Young



I am indeed a privileged student of DSCMIT. My journey in this college is far beyond explanation. I sincerely thank our esteemed director Dr. M.S. Ramachandra and all the dedicated faculty members for their constant support and encouragement, their endless love towards the students created a healthy environment which was conducive for learning and exhaling. During our MBA program we had ample number of opportunities to exhibit all our talents. Many guest lectures were conducted where in eminent personalities from various companies such as Citrix, ITC, Biocon, Hewlett Packard, etc. shared their valuable experience which enabled us to face the corporate world in a well prepared manner. Opportunities for attending management feats in various reputed colleges helped us to improve and bring out all the hidden potential in us. My learning experiences in this college are endless. I have indeed learnt a lot and can. Ever sum up. This is my sincere appreciation and gratitude towards my college which has tremendous potential to transform a person into personality. I regard my college as the best college for MBA programme. Hence I recommend the students who are aspiring to learn and exhale in management field, DSCMIT is the right place.

Mr. Sattar Sharief
Batch: 2009-2011,
Designation: HR Operations Learning & Development,
Company: Wipro GE Healthcare, Bangalore.


The skills we learnt about different business approaches & strategies, and constantly adapting and achieving from the diversity of the student community has definitely given me the lead in the challenging competition existing in business today. These are the essential and valuable skills of great worth that I owe to DSI. This has helped me be an entrepreneur with the satisfaction of having not only a good financial turnover but also providing employment to about 25 people who work with me.

Vishwanath T.M. 
Batch: 1999-2002,
Designation: Proprietor - S.L.V Enterprises Bangalore.



The MBA program at DSI has provided me immense knowledge both from the technical and business points of view. It has enhanced my critical thinking and analytical skills, and the ability to predict problems and recommend solutions with forceful logic. As I expected DSI is the best place, for I have learnt a lot through brain storming with peers from all over India. I am indeed indebted to DSI for this transformation in me.

Srinath B.V.
Batch: 2005-2007,
Designation: Research Analyst,
Company: Thomson Corporation, Bangalore.



I recall that, the period spent at DSI is one of the best periods in my life. The main objective to study at DSI was to learn management skills systematically and to gain insights into essential problems. In that sense, the MBA program at DSI was truly satisfactory. I met not only excellent friends but also many great Professors. The unconditional support and guidance from the faculty has been fundamental in my path to success.

Raghavendra J. 
Batch: 2004-2006,
Designation: Sr. HR Executive,
Company: Wipro Technologies, Bangalore.



Being in the classroom was a source of continual stimulation for me. All of us students, used to get involved in a forum, for ideas and interaction. The Library at DSI is a huge treasure trove of information. The opportunity to study live and develop friends with my class mates having an immense wealth of cultures, backgrounds and experiences is one of the aspects I love most about my MBA experience at DSI.

Avinash K. Shetty 
Batch: 2005-2007,
Designation: Retail Account Manager,
Company: Dell India, Bangalore.