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Welcome to Department of Commerce and Management


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Department of Computer Applications at DSCASC affiliated with Bangalore University, Bangalore, from all expanses of life. Our department has the reputation of being one of the early pioneers in the field of information technology education.

Computer science is an interesting, ever-evolving, and complex discipline that has transformed the world throughout the ages. It has reshaped society's overall appearance. It has found a wide range of applications in different spheres of life. With the growing usage and popularity of computers, computer education has become a necessity for the common person.

As a Head of the Department, I assure you that we maintain high academic standards. The Department of Computer Science has created an intensive teaching and learning experience through an industry-driven Curriculum. The Department strives hard to inculcate among students a passion for skill development in areas of Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. With our distinct student-centred teaching-learning methodology, our students enjoy the process of learning. Our holistic approach to teaching and learning encourages students to indulge in extracurricular activities to shape them as leaders of tomorrow

Our experienced faculty are the strong pillars of the department whose focus is to empower a diverse community of students to nurture their capabilities, transform their lives and find success. They also boost engagement with industry and community to make the world a better place through the formation, sharing and use of new knowledge.

To facilitate students to take up challenges in the latest developments of technology we have created career paths in disruptive technologies partnering with some of the best IT giants. These partnerships help us both teachers and students to have a thorough understanding of the technologies.

We wish you a very happy learning journey.

Hemanth Uppala
Assistant Professor and Head

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