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A Masters Degree in Business Administration represents a significant achievement and a valued credential for anyone seeking to advance their career with a focus on business issues. Our MBA program allows you the flexibility to pursue knowledge in a wide range of topics. Learning is a distinctive, high quality experience and we offer outstanding opportunities to students nurturing discovery and development through student-teacher partnership.

1st Semester

Managerial Communication, Accounting for Managers, Organization Behaviour, Managerial Economics, Business Maths & Statistics, Information Technology for Business, Business Perspectives

2nd Semester

Research Methodology & Technical Writing, Financial Management, Production and Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Quantitative Technique & Operations Research, Legal Aspects of Business

3rd Semester

Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation, Business Ethics & Corporate Governance, Investment Analysis & Management, , Financial Markets & Intermediaries, Tax Compliance & Management, Business Marketing, Services Marketing, Sales & Marketing Channel Management, Human Resources Acquisition & Development, Employee Relationship Management, Performance & Compensation Mgmt. Supply Chain Management, Productivity Techniques & Total Quality Management, Technology Management, , Software Engineering Management, Software Design & Project Management, Database Management Systems, Internship Viva Voce

4th Semester

Strategic Management, International Business, International Financial Management, Strategic Financial Management, Project Analysis & Implementation, Rural and Agricultural Marketing, Retailing Marketing, Advertising and Integrated Brand Management, Labour Legislation & Welfare, Knowledge Management & Learning Organization, International Human Resource Management, Advanced Operation Research, World Class Manufacturing and Strategy & Practices, Project Management, E-Commerce Technology & Management, System Analysis & Design, Enterprises Resource Planning and Business, Process Re-Engineering, Dissertation Viva-Voce Specialisations: Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Systems& Production Industry Tie-Ups: IIMB, IISc, CSI, AIMA, BMA, CII -YI Club, Lions Clubs, NHRD, NIPM

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