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From the Directors Desk

Welcome to Department of Commerce and Management


Dear Students,

We welcome you to our fold at the department of MBA at Dayananda Sagar College of Arts, Science & Commerce. You would be happy to know that our department is a Centre of Excellence in Management education and is affiliated to Bangalore University.

India was once known as the world’s centre for learning and today once again, the spot light is on learning and development, as we plan to take up a prominent role in a world that is globalised but with a focus on “Local for Global”.

Today’s youth are born into a technology driven environment where the changes are so fast that the products or services released in the morning may get obsolete by evening.

Monopoly has absolutely no place while competition has given way to collaboration in the global arena. No one country can be economically fully independent to thrive in today’s global scenario that compels mutual dependence.

We strongly believe that this kind of phenomenon and the very global environment increases the relevance and significance of a good business education. The Academic Knowledge, the Varied Skill-sets, the Analytical Orientation, the Decision-Making ability, Problem Solving capability, Team Working skills, Leadership and Social influence, Emotional Intelligence – all are essential for us to plan for the future years of our economic lives and sustenance.

Dr. Venkatesh B R
Director & Professor

Institute Vision

To be a center of excellence in education, research and training and to produce human resource of exceptional leadership quality to serve national needs.

Department Vision

To be one among the top ten Business Schools turning out industry-ready management graduates and enthusiastic


Placement Orientation for MBA students was conducted for the year 2020.

To strive as a capability and capacity building center that encourages Pursuit of high quality research, Innovation, learning and Skill based Education.

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